Understanding what is React?

  • React is a JavaScript library, not a framework that creates user interfaces (UIs) in an easy and efficient way. Provides great feedback on user input using a new way of providing websites. React helps builds user interfaces for single-page applications by dividing UI reusable React library code

Understanding the Virtual-DOM

  • First, let’s understand what a DOM is, it is a document object model. Basically, virtual dom synced with real dom. To make it simple, virtual dom is a concept of react. It is faster than a regular dom.

Understanding React Router

  • React Router makes it easy to change web pages without refreshing the page. In simple words, it is a navigation system without the page refreshing as the user navigates. The React router uses component structure and it helps you to create a private route before someone login.

Components Must Be Capitalized

  • When creating components you must start with a capital letter otherwise it won’t work. We write elements with small letters like this <div>, <span>, <h1>, <p1>. Everything is passed to react-dom. It is recommended to write component capital before starting writing JSX.

Understanding React hooks

  • React hooks are a new feature that was introduced not too long ago. These hooks help you to connect with other components. It doesn’t work inside classes. React hooks are a special type of function that allows you to add state like `useState`, `useEffect`.

Understanding React props

  • Props are used for passing data to react. Props in the full form are properties. You pass information from one place to another.